What are the Advantages of Hoalys Factory?

Hoalys Factory is the most prestigious and high-quality Eyelashes Factory. Factory specializes in the production of high-end eyelash products under the customer’s brand. With many years of experience in the eyelash industry, Hoalys Factory always understands the needs of customers, eyelash artists and agents. During 10 years of production and development, Hoalys Eyelashes Factory has been highly appreciated and trusted by many customers not only domestically but also internationally. The following article gives 4 advantages Hoalys Factory is proud to possess to serve customers.

1. Hoalys Factory always focuses on quality

HOALYS always keep in mind that “quality makes prestige”. Therefore, Product quality is always an important factor in the eyelash production process. With the optimal 5-step process of producing standard eyelashes, Hoalys Factory ensures product quality in each production stage. Finished products from Factory must meet 4 factors:

hoalys factory
hoalys factory
  • Eyelashes are even and do not miss small lashes
  • Correct length of lashes
  • The eyelash lines need to be absolutely even
  • Eyelashes do not show glue

2. Hoalys Factory specializes in producing high-quality eyelashes

HOALYS is a high-quality eyelash production facility selected by many customers by professionalism, high-end products and customer service quality.

We are proud to produce high-end eyelashes, occupying the trust in even difficult guests. Currently we research and produce many types of eyelash extension. It’s no surprise that our eyelash factory is highly appreciated by many customers in quality and efficiency. Special, Hoalys Factory can produce high-end eyelashes according to customer brand (OEM / ODM)

3. Hoalys Factory always understands Consumer Psychology

With a starting point of being an eyelash curler, HOALYS understands all aspects of the profession, the difficulties and expectations of the eyelash extensionist. Therefore, HOALYS understands and meets the needs that the eyelash artist wants.

4. Hoalys Factory is stable in production and distribution

If you need to import goods in bulk at wholesale prices, you can contact Hoalys Factory to ensure that you have a source of good quality goods at a reasonable price to ensure business operations.

With a production capacity of up to 100k products/month, Hoalys Factory always provides a stable source of goods and keeping perfect quality.

Advantages of Hoalys Factory

Hoalys Factory – a prestigious and quality eyelash production address

All eyelash lines produced by HOALYS use the highest quality synthetic fiber material: PBT (Polybutylene terephthalate) imported from Korea, under the direct production supervision of HOALYS in VIETNAM.

Possessing special eyelash production techniques, HOALYS is always proud to be able to provide eyelash artists with quality and guaranteed eyelash products.

HOALYS is afraid of owning quality eyelash extension product lines, used by many domestic and foreign eyelash artists such as Black Rose Eyelash, High-quality Eyelash, Colored Eyelashes, VOLUME EYELASHES, Volume Fan Premade

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