How to improve your Eyelash Extension speed?

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How to improve your Eyelash Extensions speed? In this article, Hoalys will share 10 ways you can speed up your eyelash extension speed faster without sacrificing the quality of your work.

Exercise everyday

Fast and correct eyelash extension skills can be the most important factor in cutting down a lot of time in the eyelash extension process. Eyelash extensions should spend a lot of time practicing their eyelash extension speed. You can practice on a mannequin or a friend/family member with the aim of increasing your speed and skill.

If you are new to the profession, your pace may be slower than desired. But don’t give up! No one is born a professional eyelash extensionist, and no one can fit a whole set of lashes in 45 hours on the first try.

Use the right tools

To improve the speed of your lashes, you have to really focus on yourself. Do not use the same eyelash extension tool with other workers. Remember, only the right tool for you will help you improve your skills and speed. Especially for Eyelash Extensions, if you are a beginner, choose a glue with a moderate drying speed. This gives you more control over the eyelash extension process. Thereby saving time and improving your skills.

Create a comfortable position when eyelash extensions

The right chair and posture can make all the difference. Constantly getting up and moving around trying to get comfortable can take a long time. Make sure you are comfortable and have good posture.

Rearrange the tool and extension area

You should spend 15 minutes at the beginning and end of each day preparing for the upcoming clients. Cleaning and organizing your tools will make the process easier for each client.

Take some time to analyze your workflow and where every tool is located. Is it easily accessible? Could it be closer to reach and save you time? Having a tool trolley is something that I highly recommend you keep organized during the eyelash extension process. Instead of constantly getting up to get things, using the car will be flexible at that time.

PLEASE NOTE: PLEASE DO NOT wear makeup when coming to the house

Save time on the eyelash extension process by instructing clients to show up with clean, shiny lashes. Performing eyelash cleaning for customers will take a lot of time for the service.

Use Premade Fan Eyelash

Using pre-made fans can save a lot of time in the process of creating fans. Making a fan manually is very time consuming and can be frustrating at times. Ready-made fans are a great way to save time. They can even be combined with a manual fan to speed up a thick set of lashes.

Suggestions for you: Volume Fan Premade


Remember, no one is perfect but practice makes PROGRESS! And that’s all we can really ask for at the end of the day. Keep going, keep practicing and your application and the speed of your lashes will improve over time.

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