What are Synthetic Fiber Lashes?

Currently, the eyelash industry is developing very strongly in the Vietnamese market as well as in many countries. Therefore, on the market, there are also many types of eyelashes with different materials to serve the needs of customers. In particular, the material used to produce the most popular eyelashes is synthetic fiber. So, what are the outstanding advantages of synthetic fiber lashes? Find out with Hoalys Factory right in the article below.

Features of Synthetic fiber lashes

This type of eyelashes is manufactured from high quality Korean plastic (Polybutylene terephthalate, referred to as PBT). In addition, they also have an easier name than silk eyelashes. After appearing, this type of eyelashes has “stormed” on the market. Therefore, it is very easy to find these types of eyelashes in the market.

  • The lashes are thicker and darker, helping to create dramatic lashes
  • Very diverse in length, usually from 8mm – 15mm, there are many choices for customers.
  • With modern technology, the eyelashes have an impressive softness
  • Good quality, durable.
  • Various curvatures: B, C, CC, D, U, J
  • Gloss and black according to customer requirements
  • Looks very natural, does not make eyes, heavy or uncomfortable when eyelash extensions.
  • The ability to quickly absorb glue helps save time for eyelash extensions for workers.

Advantages of synthetic fibers

This type of eyelashes is always appreciated in the beauty world. With modern production technology, synthetic eyelashes are very soft, natural, non-toxic and non-irritating.

The price of this type of eyelashes is also very affordable, easy to find and buy because it is very popular. Often these types of false eyelashes will be produced individually and placed on a tray. When using, the worker only needs to take out each strand, apply glue and use the technique to create a suitable eyelash extension style. Because of its lightness and flexibility, it is often used to make eyelash extensions. Correct the defects of the eyes, make thin, thin eyelashes become more beautiful. Eyelash extensions often use this type of eyelashes: Angel eyelashes, black rose eyelashes, Classic, One by one …

With stronger advantages, this type of false eyelashes when applied to eyelash extensions is also produced in the form of fan lashes. That is, producing according to the beams of eyelashes, creating a ready-made eyelash fan, interlocking from 3-9 false eyelashes. This type of eyelashes will have a spread at the top and bunches at the root neatly, creating a solid position for the eyelashes at the foot.

Fan Premade are often favored by eyelash artists because of their convenience, ease of purchase and low price. Using this type of eyelashes when connecting will shorten the time to make the eyelashes quite a lot. This type of eyelashes is usually only applied to eyelashes that are too thin, too thin, or when you want to make impressive eyelash extensions.

The address to supply quality synthetic fiber eyelashes

Hoalys eyelash extension is a popular eyelash extension product on the market today. Eyelash fibers are imported with materials imported from Korea, researched and handcrafted by leading experts in the eyelash industry.

Hoalys eyelash extensions with the characteristics of curvature, thickness, and length are exactly according to the standard. Help eyelash extensions designers to design the perfect set of eyelashes according to each eye shape in accordance with the needs of customers.

HOALYS specializes in providing a variety of eyelash lines such as Black Rose Eyelash, Volume Lashes, HD Volume Lashes, HL Volume Lashes, …

You will be more secure than Hoalys Factory eyelash extensions for the following reasons:

  • All products are genuine products with proven origin, very clear origin.
  • Free return policy within 7 days if there is a defect from the manufacturer.
  • With orders of 1 million or more within Ho Chi Minh City, you will receive free goods.
  • There is an online support team ready to advise you from 8:30 am to 18:00 pm from Monday to Saturday.
  • Not only that, there are also different discounted prices for general agents, agents and students at Hoalys with many attractive incentives.

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