Why use Synthetic Lashes instead of Animal Lashes?

Eyelash extensions are a beauty method that is taking the world by storm. Choosing the material for eyelash extensions is also an important step that greatly affects the perfection of the eyelashes. On the market today, there are many types of eyelashes such as mink eyelashes, rabbit eyelashes, and plastic eyelashes. And especially synthetic lashes. Thanks to their outstanding properties and uses, Synthetic Lashes are used most widely compared to animal lashes. So why use synthetic lashes instead of animal lashes? Read the article below to find out why.

What are animal eyelashes?

This is a type of eyelash made directly from the fur of animals such as mink, rabbits, etc. We will choose the mink with the softest and smoothest fur, brush their fur and disinfect it. By carefully crafted methods, these hairs are shaped like real eyelashes and used for eyelash extensions.

animal eyelashes

What are Synthetic Eyelashes?

Synthetic fiber false eyelashes are always popular because of their safety for the eyes, lighter than real eyelashes, high durability, and comfortable feeling when used. Synthetic fiber eyelashes create gloss and shine, more attractive.

5 “fatal” disadvantages of animal eyelashes

Animal lashes are prone to allergies

Using fur as eyelashes has many limitations. The biggest disadvantage of animal false eyelashes is that they can cause allergies, itching, burning, or redness. Some customers are allergic to furs. This will limit your customer base.

The supply of Animal Eyelashes is not stable

Animal eyelashes are limited because of the dependence on the pet establishment. However, finding such facilities is difficult. Therefore, if you choose this type of eyelash for your salon, you will be in a passive position and completely dependent on the supplier.

Animal Eyelashes

Expensive prices lead to counterfeit goods

Besides, mink hair is also a difficult material to find, and the processing process is complicated, so the price of this type of eyelash is very high. Instead of just spending 100-200 thousand for regular eyelashes, you may have to invest millions of dong for mink eyelashes. If you can’t make eyelashes from real materials, you can consider mink eyelash extensions made from hair or synthetic fibers to save money.

Due to the expensive price and scarce quantity, the animal Mi is often counterfeited but sold at a high price. Aimed at the gullible guests. You should be careful with sources that are sold in bulk. Most likely they are not animal eyelashes but are just made in imitation.

Animal protection policy

Although animal eyelashes have many outstanding advantages such as natural, lightweight,… But because they are made from animal hair, some types of eyelashes such as mink eyelashes are included in the ban list. Moreover, the production process of this type of eyelash is considered barbaric. Therefore, fewer factories produce animal eyelashes but instead are artificial eyelashes. In fact, they are also a type of eyelash made of plastic.


Why use Synthetic Lashes instead of animal lashes?

This can be considered the most popular and always popular type of eyelash on the market because of the convenience and beauty it brings.

Various lengths, usually from 8mm – 15mm, have many choices for customers.

Thickness: thin, just a little thicker than silk.

Feel: Soft and gentle, almost like real eyelashes. Good quality, durable. Looks very natural, and does not make eyes heavy or uncomfortable when eyelash extensions.

This synthetic lashes is highly appreciated in the beauty world. With modern production technology, silk eyelashes are very soft, natural, non-toxic, and non-irritating. Because of its lightness and flexibility, it is often used to make eyelash extensions. Correct the defects of the eyes, and make thin, thin eyelashes become more beautiful. The price of this type of eyelash is also very affordable, and easy to find and buy because it is very popular. Types of eyelash extensions often use this type of false eyelashes: black rose eyelashes, and doll eyelashes, …

Should you choose a reputable and quality Synthetic Lashes brand?

All eyelash lines produced by HOALYS use the highest quality synthetic fiber material: PBT (Polybutylene terephthalate) imported from Korea, under the direct production supervision of HOALYS in VIETNAM.

Possessing special eyelash production techniques, HOALYS is always proud to be able to provide eyelash artists with quality and guaranteed eyelash products. HOALYS is afraid of owning quality eyelash extension product lines, used by many domestic and foreign eyelash artists such as Black Rose EyelashHigh-quality EyelashColored EyelashesVOLUME EYELASHESVolume Fan Premade

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