Fan Premade – Features, advantages and applications

Unlike One by One eyelash extension with 1:1 eyelash extension technique, Volume eyelash extension is a unique and delicate technique that helps to combine multiple lashes together. This technique requires skilled eyelash artists to create a beautiful, even eyelash fan. When attaching the Fan, the eyelash artist must ensure that the fan is wrapped around the eyelashes naturally. Therefore, creating a well-balanced Fan Premade can be very difficult and requires a lot of practice and skill. Understanding these difficulties, Hoalys has manufactured and supplied ready-made products for eyelash extensions to help eyelash extensions easily and save a lot of time. Join Hoalys to find out the basic information about Fan Premade in the article below.

What is Fan Premade available?

Pre-made fan eyelashes are pre-made fan lashes, making the process of eyelash extension faster than creating a fan at the same time.

Advantages of using ready-made Fan:

  • Fan Premade  is available to save time on eyelash extensions
  • Apply more lashes per day (Revenue increased customers)
  • Does not require highly skilled technicians
  • More profitable than other eyelash techniques
  • Concealing eye defects convincingly

Fan Premade offers a huge time savings. Not only do you not need any additional training to get started with thick eyelash extensions with Fan. Instead, the ready-made Fan can even complete a set of lashes in the same amount of time you would need for a One by One set of lashes. This means you can serve more customers and generate more income.

Alternatively, for some clients who want thicker lashes but don’t have the time (or patience) to lie in bed for more than 2 hours, using a premade lash fan may be an option. most transparent and perfect.

Not only that, but it can also cover imperfections easily. When customers are missing some natural lashes, Fan lashes will play an important role in helping to cover those areas of loss.

Is Fan Premade ready for eyelashes safe?

Yes, of course! But just like with any style of eyelash extensions, Fan should be applied with the right technique. Any damage will only happen if you apply the wrong lashes

way. Such as sticking too close to the skin, applying too much glue, applying it incorrectly, or applying it without considering the condition of the customer’s eyelashes.

Here are some tips when using ready-made eyelashes.

  • Choose a ready-made Fan that is the right thickness and weight for your client’s natural lashes.
  • NEVER apply a Fan over multiple natural lashes.
  • Do not use too much glue because it will make the eyelashes too thick.
  • The best tweezers for eyelash extensions Fan

To separate eyelashes, it is recommended to use curved tweezers or Moon curved tweezers. These sharp, thin and elegant tweezers are lightweight and provide a lot less strain and hand fatigue.

To pick up eyelashes, Black Rose Eyelash Extension Tweezers are the most suitable choice. Tweezers can help hold the fan and attach it to the eyelashes more easily.

Why should you start using Fan Premade

Ready-made lashes are a great way to bridge the gap between Classic lashes and Volume lashes if you’re just getting started with eyelash extensions.

And it’s not just great for beginner eyelash extensions! Ready-made lashes help any eyelash extensionist who wants to minimize application time and serve more clients.

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