Hoalys Factory’s eyelash production process

To create a quality eyelash product, Hoalys Factory has to go through a rigorous production process, along with modern technology and professional production processes. To understand the quality and technique of eyelash production, read about Hoalys Factory’s eyelash production process in the article below!

5 steps of eyelash production process

To produce a quality eyelash product, Hoalys Factory optimizes the production process in the following 5 steps:

Sliding Eyelashes

The first step is to pull the lashes. This step is a process that needs to be done by highly skilled craftsmen. For the loose eyelashes, the craftsman will use tape to take the eyelashes into the strip of eyelashes. Then, proceed to align and drive according to the pre-specified length.

Cutting eyelashes

After rolling the eyelashes, the lash band will naturally leave a residual foot, causing disparity and unevenness. At this step, the workers will align the size and cut off those unnecessary parts. This policy will produce standard-sized lashes and avoid the situation of lash soles.

Making curvature

Hoalys Factory uses moisture heat technology to create curls for eyelashes. The advantage of this technology is to make the eyelashes shiny. In particular, this technology will limit burning eyelashes and eyelash errors.

Gluing label, eyelashes line

This stage also requires the meticulousness and ingenuity of the craftsman in the false eyelash production process. Hoalys Factory offers production services according to the customer’s brand. Therefore, customers will choose the label according to the factory’s design or send an available label design to stick to the finished product.

After that, the worker will glue the line of eyelashes on the blister. Trim excess and trim back false lashes as required. And just like that, the eyelashes were completed.

Goods inspection ( QC )

This final stage requires a meticulous worker. The eyelashes will be checked for the finished product, the quality is up to the standards of the eyelashes. The 3 most important factors in this process are

  • Check the remaining eyelashes
  • Check the uniform length of the lines
  • Line lashes are glued evenly to create the perfect product.

Hoalys Factory – a prestigious and quality eyelash production address

All eyelash lines produced by HOALYS use the highest quality synthetic fiber material: PBT (Polybutylene terephthalate) imported from Korea, under the direct production supervision of HOALYS in VIETNAM.

Possessing special eyelash production techniques, HOALYS is always proud to be able to provide eyelash artists with quality and guaranteed eyelash products.

HOALYS is owning quality eyelash extension product lines, used by many domestic and foreign eyelash artists such as Black Rose EyelashHigh-quality EyelashColored EyelashesVOLUME EYELASHESVolume Fan Premade

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