Top 3 types of eyelash extension tweezers must have

To become a professional eyelash artist, technicians need to know the information about eyelash extension tweezers. Among them, Eyelash extension are considered a companion on the career path that any eyelasher must know. In this article, Hoalys Factory will list you the 4 most important types of tweezers that every eyelash eyelasher must have.

Uses of Eyelash Extension Tweezers:

  •         Eyelash extensions are indispensable tools of eyelash extensions
  •         Tweezers make picking lashes easy, handy
  •         Make it easier to create fans
  •         Save a lot of time and fortifications in the process of eyelash extensions, creating eyelash fans

1. Round-headed Eyelash Extension tweezers

Round-headed tweezers are the first type of tweezers every eyelash extension worker needs. With a round flat head design, a large and thin tweezer nose, tweezers are used when the technicians wants to:

  •         Pick up the lash line
  •         Glue fixed to the client’s eyelids
  •         Pick up supportive eyelash extensions such as cotton buds, eye masks in a hygienic way without having to use your hands to pick them up directly.

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Round-headed tweezers
  •         Round-headed tweezers with high-quality stainless steel material with a compact, gentle design is an advantage to help the worker’s operations be faster and more accurate.
  •         Round-headed tweezers are also recognized for their durability, corrosion resistance and limited damage to falling.
  •         Tweezers help manipulate the craftsman more professionally

2. Straight tweezers

Straight eyelash extensions are the most easily recognizable type: The tip of the nose tweezers is straight, elongated and pointed at the tip.

Tweezers have the effect of putting false lashes in the desired position on each real lash, often used in Classic eyelashes, one-by-one, One-by-one eyelash extensions.

In addition, Tweezers are also used to separate and turn lashes easily and conveniently.

The technicians may have been practicing with straight eyelash tweezers from the very beginning of the apprenticeship as these tweezers are easy to use, suitable for basic eyelash styles.

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Straight tweezers
  •         This is an exclusive tweezers of the Hoalys brand, with stainless steel material from Japan, Tweezers make the eyelash extension process the simplest and most professional.
  •         From high-quality materials, Hoalys straight tweezers give you a feeling of lightness and firmness that also affects the quick and smooth eyelash creation operation.
  •         Straight tweezers are also durable, good abrasive ability, easy to clean
  •         Tweezers suitable for eyelash extensions from basic to professional

3. Black Rose Eyelash Tweezers

Black Rose eyelash extensions are tweezers manufactured specifically for the Black Rose technique.

Helps to pick up many lashes stably and easily.

Tweezers support well for all popular ways of creating lash fans. Support creating Black Rose and Volume fans easily and quickly.

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Black Rose Eyelash Tweezers
  •         Black Rose Eyelash extensions are used specifically for the Black Rose eyelash extension technique. Tweezers Are also suitable for other eyelash extensions techniques such as Volume, Classic,…
  •         Tweezers pick up many lashes, especially can create Fans in more ways than 5 different ways to create fans. There is a design with a high snugness in the tip of the tweezers to ensure no slips occur.
  •         Tweezers are sturdy, non-slip and have good elasticity.
  •         Do not ache your hands when working for long periods of time.

Store tweezes properly for long-term use

Tweezes are a great helper for eyelash workers, so preservation should always be a top priority. This not only makes the time to use tweezers last a long time, but also helps save the cost of importing new tools.

Use tweezers for the right purpose:

Connecting tweezers should be properly used for its intended use. Because the strength of each tweezer design will be different, if you use thin eyelash extensions for thick tweezers, you will cause your tweezers to overload and quickly fail.

Restrictions for glue-stained tweezer heads:

Lash extension glue when attached to the tip of the tweezers will cause the tweezers to hiss, even freeze, hindering the process of picking up the lashes and attaching the lashes. If glue is stuck, it is necessary to use a cleaning solution for clean treatment before performing the joining operation.

Do not let tweezers act on hard objects:

All types of eyelash extensions are carefully sharpened, shaping the tweezer heads. Therefore, the connecting tweezers are relatively “sensitive”, very easy to scratch, distort … when acting with hard objects. 

If you understand and coordinate competently with your eyelash extensions “colleagues”, you will practice better. Take the initiative to learn the product, regularly practice to confidently create the perfect eyelashes for customers!

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