The signs that eyelash have expired

You often wonder about the expiration date of Eyelash Extension Glue, or eyelash cleaning tools. But do you wonder how long it takes for Eyelash Extensions to expire? Let’s find out with HOALYS right away retention time of Eyelashes and what are the signs that your Eyelash have expired.

What are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions used in beauty eyelash extensions. These are delicately designed lashes with many sizes, lengths and thicknesses depending on the type.

How long does eyelash extensions usually last?

Made mainly from Synthetic fiber material with glued foot design and built on a glue line. Eyelash extensions are known to have a long shelf life, from 6 months to 1 year depending on the quality of each brand.

In particular, according to the survey, Hoalys brand eyelashes are assessed to have retention time of up to 1 year

What are the signs that Eyelash have expired?

There are 3 most obvious signs that you should look out for:

1. Eyelashes reduce curvature

Expired eyelashes often characterize by the release of curls. The eyelashes will no longer have the same curvature as the original. Reducing curvature greatly affects the quality of the eyelash extensionist’s work.

2. Unnatural eyelashes

The reduction in curvature also leads to the possibility that the eyelashes will look unnatural, stiff. Especially when connecting on the client’s eyes, the eyelashes will not bring the perfect results as desired.

3. The glue at the base of the eyelashes is sticky

When you pick up the eyelashes, the glue is sticky, spinning or not as flexible as usual. It is a sign that the Eyelashes you use have expired. If you continue to use them, the lashes will not hold their normal strength and will soon fall out quickly.

Address to provide high quality Eyelash Extensions

Hoalys eyelash extension is a popular eyelash extension product on the market today. Eyelash fibers imported with materials imported from Korea, researched and handcrafted by leading experts in the eyelash industry.

With a variety of types, models and customer segments to meet all the needs of eyelash extensions and customers when eyelash extensions.

Hoalys eyelash extensions with the characteristics of curvature, thickness, and length are exactly according to standards. Help the eyelash extension artist to design the perfect set of eyelashes according to each eye shape to suit the needs of the customer

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