hoalys factory

Hoalys factory are lashes manufacturer in Vietnam. We have 10 years of experience in manufacturing and selling false eyelashes as the high-end products in the market.

??‍♀️Are you looking for a reputable, quality false eyelash supplier?
??‍♀️Receive eyelash processing as required❓
??‍♀️Guaranteed price matching quality❓

?Please contact Hoalys Factory ? the factory specializes in producing all kinds of eyelashes, receiving domestic and export orders with top quality in Vietnam.

?Why should you choose Hoalys Factory❓

?Hoalys have 10 years of experience in manufacturing and selling high-end false eyelashes on the market.
?Specializing in accepting OEM/ODM according to customer’s brand.
?Complete equipment and machinery, advanced production lines
?Professional processing team with many years of experience, and strict quality control work
?There is an online support team that is always ready to receive, advise and support information quickly.
? Ensure fast processing, on schedule, keeping up with customer requirements.
?Fast and dedicated warranty policy.

?What kind of false eyelashes are processed by our factory?

?As a brand that produces false eyelashes highly appreciated by customers, Hoalys Factory is the place for you to give your full trust to build the most perfect private label!

Hoalys Factory – High-end eyelash manufacturer

? Showroom: 407/4 Su Van Hanh, Ward 12, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
? Hotline: +84933 268 258 — +8428 62 822 555
? Website:

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