Preparatory procedure before eyelash extensions

A long-lasting set of lashes is the highlight that helps you retain customers. Therefore, you must perfectly do all the procedures including before and after eyelash extensions for guests. In this article, Hoalys will tell you the preparation process before proceeding with eyelash extensions revealed by famous Eyelash extensions instructors of Hoalys. 

Step 1: Consulting

But before you do anything, Hoalys wants you to note that the first thing you need to do is determine your eye shape and analyze the shape of your guest’s eyelashes.

You need to observe the shape of the eyes, the direction of growth of real lashes. Then advise customers on the type of eyelash extensions, length, curvature suitable for customers. Having received the consent of the guest, you begin to perform eyelash cleaning according to the procedure below:

Step 2: Prepare enough kits

In order for the eyelash extension process to go smoothly and perfectly, you should prepare the tools fully and leave them in a place that is within reach

Step 3: Cleaning operations

-Wrap towel: use a specialized towel to wrap all hair and forehead area of customers

-Hand hygiene: wipe your hands thoroughly with 70o alcohol

-Clean utensils: use a glass containing alcohol 70o soak the nose tweezers 10p and then wipe it off

Step 4: Clean lashes

The cleaner the eyelashes, the better the alignment of the lashes connected to the natural lashes.

Use tweezers to remove makeup to clean the skin around the eyes and eyelashes, then use a protein remover to clean the oil on the eyelashes, blow dry eyelashes with a fan.

Don’t have enough of the Hoalys eyelash extensions mentioned above?

Don’t worry, We would like to suggest you the following salon standard quality kits:

Towel Eyelash extensions

Towel Eyelash extensions are a type of towel reserved for eyelash extensions customers. Used to cover the customer’s forehead and hair neatly without getting caught in the eyes during eyelash extensions.

Towel Eyelash extensions

Hand Sanitizer

Hand Refresh Hoalys used to clean the skin of the eyelashes is a very useful product.

Hand Sanitizer

Cotton remover of eyelash extensions

The eyelash remover contains a safe oil-free makeup remover, which is convenient to clean the eyelashes and eyes before eyelash extensions.

Cotton remover of eyelash extensions

Hoalys Protein Remover CL02

Hoalys Protein Remover CL02 – Is a product used to clean the lashes before joining, remove oil on the lashes, enhance the strength of the eyelashes.

Hoalys Protein Remover CL02

USB fan

USB fans blow dry eyelash glue, which evaporates the tear gas of the eyelash glue after joining, the lashes are dried faster, and the real lashes are also better.

USB fan

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