Eyelash Curling Method has been very popular for a long time. After curling your eyelashes, you will have a natural long and beautiful eyelash line.

What is the Eyelash Curling Method?

Eyelash curling method is a new method that has been loved and trusted by customers in the past few years. This method is suitable for those of you who already have thick and long eyelashes that have not been curled. Eyelash curling is a method of using mascara to directly curl the customer’s real eyelashes. The worker will use an eyelash curler with a thin layer of glue applied to the real eyelashes. Then, use a specialized brush to brush the eyelashes to the shaft. Finally, the worker takes turns applying a curling agent to the eyelashes.

Eyelash Curling Method
Eyelash Curling Method

This beauty method has a quick implementation time of about 45 to 60 minutes and has a durability of 2 to 3 months. So after only a short time, you have immediately owned natural curled eyelashes. Curling eyelashes will help you own natural curled eyelashes and make them feel longer.

The Advantages of curling eyelashes

  • Doesn’t take too much time to implement.
  • The cost of curling eyelashes is affordable, not too expensive.
  • Save time for daily eye makeup.
  • Help customer’s appearance always be beautiful anytime, anywhere without having to wear too much makeup.
  • Bring natural curled eyelashes to help eyes become bigger and more attractive.
  • Shape the eyelids and create the effect of longer and more defined eyelashes.
  • Maintain curvature for quite a long time

Common eyelash curling methods

Curling eyelashes covered with collagen

Firstly, this eyelash curling technique is suitable for customers who have long but sparse and thin eyelashes. After that curling, the eyelashes will be covered with a layer of dye, making them darker. This medicine contains Collagen essence to help support eyelashes to grow longer and stronger.

Eyelash Curling
Eyelash Curling

3D-6D collagen eyelash curler

Secondly, this is another name for the 3D Collagen eyelash curling method. With this technique, the lashes will look very evenly curled from many angles. Whether viewed from top to bottom or from left to right, the lashes look naturally curved. Curly lashes have a durability of 2-4 months.

6D collagen eyelash curling is currently considered the most advanced eyelash curling technique. This curling method also helps to prevent the eyelashes from drying out or breaking. The durability is also longer and then stretches out naturally on its own.

What should be kept in mind if you decide to choose the method of eyelash curling?

  • Choose eyelash curling service at a reputable and quality address.
  • Ask to test the drug on the skin before bending to avoid irritation
  • Always check the hygiene when curling eyelashes.
  • Immediately notify the specialist if there is any discomfort in the eyelids or eyes.
  • Follow the expert’s instructions for beautiful and long-lasting lashes.

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