Is Classic Eyelash Extension Technique Popular?

Classic eyelash extension

This technique is not only a classic eyelash style, but also a creative inspiration for Angel, Volume and later Black Rose eyelash extension techniques.

Classic eyelash extension technique is the first eyelash extension technique in the world

This technique is the first technique born in the world in Japan since 2003.

Over the past 17 years, despite the world’s development of more fibrous eyelash extension techniques,

Classic lashes still retain their unique position. is the most favorite type of eyelashes of girls who like natural and simple beauty.

With the style of connecting a false eyelash, Classic eyelash extensions do not require the technical complexity and skill of the worker like other eyelash techniques.

Classic Eyelash Extension
Classic Eyelash Extension

Classic lash is not only a classic lash style but also a creative inspiration for Angel, Volume and later Black Rose eyelash techniques. In the eyelash extension industry, Classic is a legendary lash technique where all of today’s lash techniques began.

Is this eyelash extension technique obsolete?

Place the Classic lashes next to the Volume lashes. It is easy to see the obvious difference right away and is easily attracted by the volume that knocks the viewer’s eyes out with the impression. Because you can create fans from 3 to 10 thick and impressive strands.

  • And if you want to be gentler, more natural. It’s completely possible to choose Angel lashes with 2 strands that are just right, covering the flaws where the real lashes are empty
  • Are the recent examples proving that the so-called Classic lashes are no longer fashionable in the modern world of eyelash extensions? NOT SO!!
  • All that said, Classic lash has its own niche and caters to a group of its own customers. Not for the masses. So who will Classic lash be the right shirt for? Don’t stop without reading below.

Who is the Classic eyelash extension technique suitable for and why?

  • Classic lashes is a technique that favors natural beauty. So if you prefer a simple, gentle style. Then Classic eyelash extensions with the advantage of increasing length and curl. Without thickening the number of lashes above your eyes. It is the right choice.
  • But if you like nature, your lashes are thick and sparse. If there are places or not, multi-strand eyelash techniques will be more suitable than Classic eyelash extensions.
  • Classic lashes will be very beautiful with a girlfriend who owns many, thick and healthy eyelashes.

Advantages of Classic lashes

Where will you choose this technique?

So Classic lashes are suitable for you with thick, healthy eyelashes. And if you like natural eyelash extensions, you already feel very beautiful. You have all of the above. Just don’t know where to go for eyelash extensions for beauty and prestige, wondering is also correct. Because now every eyelash salon can connect Classic lashes. But don’t think it’s the same everywhere.

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