How to Take Care of Your Eyelash Extensions

How to Take Care of Your Eyelash Extensions

In recent years, women have become increasingly interested in the field of beauty such as eyelash extensions, eyelash curling,… Eyelash extensions are a very popular beauty method to adorn your perfect face. Eyelash extensions are also very handy in shortening the beauty time every day of women. However, to have a perfect set of lashes even after using an eyelash extension service, we need to know some of the knowledge around taking care of our lashes. Careful care and maintenance will help us keep our lashes longer, as well as protect our natural lashes. Here, Hoalys Factory would like to introduce to you a few tips to help cherish your lashes.

1.  How to mantain for eyelashes?

When you first extend your eyelashes, you may experience discomfort, entanglement, sometimes itching. Hoalys recommends getting used to them and adapting to them, because that feeling will go away in the first few days. How long to keep the eyelash extensions is decided a lot in the beginning.

So to ensure a durable lash, you need to pay attention to the following points:

Abstain from water for the first 12 hours after eyelash extensions

This is a mandatory rule to follow after eyelash extensions. Some salons will recommend avoiding water for about 3-4 hours, but in fact it takes about 12 hours if using quality herbal glue. This helps ensure the glue is dry enough and the lashes are firmer. Following this principle, you consider that 70% of  mantaining your eyelash has already been successful.

Wash your face carefully

The best way to clean around the eye area so as not to affect the eyelashes is to use a cotton remover soaked in a light wash. This both helps you clean your eyes and protect your eyelash extensions. This is one of the very effective ways to nourish the eyelashes and the skin around the eyes that many women apply.

After eyelash extensions, you need to limit the splashing of water on your face as well as use warm water when washing. This can affect the adhesion of the glue, making it easier for the lashes to break. Warm water will probably melt the eyelash glue. Even the steam emitted by warm water will more or less negatively affect eyelash extensions.

Don’t touch your eyes

Touching your eyes or rubbing your eyes are mistakes that many people make when extending their eyelashes. Rubbing your eyes will cause the lash extensions to peel off or break, causing poor aesthetics for your lashes. Maybe in the early days when you first connect the eyelashes will be heavy and itchy, but you should leave it for a while and you will get used to it. Therefore, limit rubbing your hands into your eyes to keep your lashes longer.

It is not recommended to use cosmetics with essential oils

There are many types of cosmetics such as mascara, eyeshadow, eyeliner containing essential oils. However, Essential Oils are completely taboo with eyelash extensions. So if used regularly, it will cause the lashes to fall out very quickly.

2. Care tips for perfect eyelash extensions

Protect your eyes when you go out

The external environment always contains a lot of dust, they will cling to small lashes, causing your lashes to be affected. Moreover, sunlight also causes eyelashes to be affected. Therefore, you should prepare yourself a pair of glasses to protect your eyelashes and eyes.

take care your eyelashes

Keep your lashes clean

Regular eyelash cleaning is also the best way to preserve and care for your lashes. It is best to clean your lashes with clean water daily. Gently use a cotton swab to absorb water and clean the lashes.

However, there is a note for women when cleaning lashes that is to choose the right makeup remover. In many makeup remover products, there will be many substances that easily peel off the glue that causes the eyelashes to fall off. Therefore, only use specialized types with benign and safe ingredients.

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Brush your eyelashes every day

It’s not because the lashes after joining have a soaring shape that you forget about combing your lashes Every day you should brush gently to help the eyelashes to be even, beautiful and keep longer. Do it regularly and remember to gently support your lashes when combing.

brush your eyelashes

Limit habits that harm the lashes

There are daily habits, although small, but inadvertently cause great damage to the eyelash extensions. So to protect your lashes you should give up the following bad habits:

  • Sleep hard pillows.
  • Do not lie face down or tilt causing breakage and loss of eyelashes.
  • Avoid exposure to heat from fire, steam.
  • Wash your face gently and skillfully.
  • Check the joints daily for early intervention if something goes wrong.

3. Eyelash Extensions Care products available at Hoalys Factory

Hoalys Eyelash Care

This is a divine eyelash balm product for eyelash followers. The product is used both for natural eyelashes as well as eyelash extensions. With a vitamin composition that forms a protective wrapping film, Hoalys Eyelash Care nourishes shiny, thicker and stronger lashes.

Hoalys Eyelash Care

Manufactured with a specially formulated formula that contains microscopic particles that easily penetrate deep into the joint to effectively prevent the lashes from falling off before the cycle, enhancing the strength of the lash extensions and strengthening the lashes from the inside.

Hoalys Eyelash Extensions Mascara

Eyelash extensions are very picky about the types of eyelash care products on the market. For that reason, Hoalys shop introduces to you Hoalys Eyelash Extension Mascara products suitable for eyelash care and protection after eyelash extensions.

Hoalys Eyelash Extensions Mascara

Products imported from Germany liquid gel texture easily spread and create a transparent covering film to help protect the eyelash joint. Avoid negative factors from the external environment such as dirt, lubricant secretion, making the lashes less durable.

Above are all the tips to help nourish and preserve your lashes. Hopefully, sharing how to take care of her eyelash extensions will help her protect her curved lashes well. Follow us at news for more information.

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