How Hoalys builds customers trust?

With many years of manufacturing and supplying eyelash extensions in the eyelash industry, Hoalys Factory has proven its attraction by prestige and quality assurance. So why is Hoalys Factory trusted and loved by big customers? Let’s find out the 4 core factors that make up success in the article below.

1. Possesses advanced eyelash production technology

HOALYS eyelashes are produced directly in Vietnam with professional technology and techniques. See also Hoalys Factory’s eyelash production process

All eyelash lines produced by HOALYS use the most advanced synthetic fiber material: PBT (Polybutylene terephthalate) imported from Korea

Hoalys Factory’s eyelash products have outstanding advantages such as:

  • Glossy, smooth and natural
  • Super fast glue absorption
  • Lightweight

HOALYS is always proud of being able to bring quality and guaranteed eyelash products.

2. Understanding customer psychology

Starting from a craftsman, HOALYS understands each customer’s difficulties and needs. Therefore, HOALYS always creates the best conditions for customers to choose the most suitable product.

3. Hoalys Factory has Professional troubleshooting

In the event that the product has any technical defects, Hoalys is ready to recall all products and re-supply them to the original standard.

In the event that the order has a problem in shipping, the order arrives late. We accept a 5:5 split if the fault is in transit.

Hoalys Factory’s eyelash production process

4. Hoaly Factory has scale production

Hoalys Factory is proud to be one of the large-scale eyelash factories in Vietnam. With the standard and optimized process, we are confident to bring a stable source of goods to all customers.

With a production capacity of up to 100k eyelash boxes per month, Hoalys factory is capable of providing a large source of goods to customers every month.

5. Good price

Price is always a point that every customer is always wondering about. Hoalys Factory always creates conditions to bring quality products at the right price. We always think “you get what you pay for”, therefore, we will provide products according to the needs and pockets of our customers.

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