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Are you looking for a good eyelash factory with complex requirements? Why don’t you check out Hoalys Factory? We supply high quality eyelash with customer’s brand

OEM PROCESS for eyelashes factory

HOALYS are the high-quality eyelashes factory in Taiwan and Vietnam, which is the large and professional eyelash supplier, only providing genuine handmade eyelashes. Production of high-quality eyelash extension , eyelash glue, eyelash remover gel …Receive OEM/ODM according to customer brand

Hoalys owns a large eyelash factory. Therefore, we have all the conditions to accept large and small orders. Our company is well-funded from Taiwan and has a eyelash factory in Vietnam. we are able to meet all the requirements of our customers because Hoalys has been established for over 10 year, with a good staff,.

(Cyberlashes has enough infrastructure and manpower to meet the needs of its customers)

Currently, we manufacture artificial eyelashes with super good quality because Hoalys factory have the extensive product system. Moreover, Our products always ensure 4 criteria: quality, quantity, design, suitability. Therefore, With these 4 criteria, you will definitely feel satisfied with our eyelash manufacturer.

We not only make exclusive products, but also collaborate with other popular brands such as eyelash OEM factory to distribute their products.

?? Specially, Hoalys Factory can produce high-end eyelashes according to customer brand (OEM / ODM)with the following product parameters:

  • Curls the J, B, C, D, U, L, LD
  • Thickness: 0.05, , 0.07, 0.10, 0.12, 0.15, 0.18
  • The lengths: 5mm to 20mm

Hoalys Factory – High quality eyelash manufacturer

  • Showroom: 94/10 Kenh Tan Hoa St, Phu Trung, Tan Phu, HCM city, Vietnam
  • Email: factory@hoalys.com
  • Hotline: 0933 268 258 – Tel: (028)62 822 555

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