Black Rose Eyelash is a line of eyelashes that is creating a craze in the current eyelash market with the ability to bring the eyes lightness and naturalness but no less charm.

What is Black Rose Eyelash?

Black Rose Eyelash
  • Black Rose Eyelash Extension is a high-class eyelash extension line used exclusively for Black Rose eyelash extension technique. Originated from Taiwan, produced and distributed exclusively by HOALYS.
  • The eyelashes have different short lengths, natural and quite similar to real eyelashes. It is thanks to this delicate design that after connecting the eyelashes, it will look extremely real and attractive. It’s hard to tell that these are fake eyelashes.
  • This product of Hoalys is the top priority of professional eyelash extensions artists. To “transform” the eyelash extensions not only create a bold impression but also ensure the most perfect naturalness.
  • When you want to make Black Rose eyelashes in addition to eyelashes, it is indispensable for tweezers and specialized Black Rose eyelash trays. From there, it is possible to build and “enchant” the works of eyelashes accurately and wonderfully.

The highlights of Black Rose Eyelash

Bringing in a lot of features with high value, Black Rose Eyelash are a symbol of the strength of the line that pioneered the Black Rose eyelash technique because of the following preeminent features:

  • This is the “hero” of weak, sparse, empty eyelashes. It is thanks to the ability to perfectly correct the defects of the eyelashes. At the same time, it also helps to increase the aesthetics by up to 30%.
  • Possesses soft, natural and extremely thin eyelashes. Keep the eyelashes after connecting the lightness and serenity. Does not affect or harm real eyelashes.
  • With a very rich and diverse model design. Especially, just one eyelash size creates a great work.
  • The ability to quickly absorb glue helps improve the worker’s eyelash extension speed up to 25%. Thereby saving a lot of time for customers not having to wait long.
  • Can be kept for a long time but the quality is always perfect.
  • Ensure absolute safety for the health of customers and eyelash extension artists.

How to apply Black Rose eyelash extensions the right way?

It is not only eyelash extensions that need to know the method of eyelash extensions. But in the position of a customer passionate about beauty. If you know a few basic eyelash extensions, you can easily judge the quality of the eyelash extension establishment.

  • Step 1: Prepare all necessary eyelash extensions. Including eyelash extension tweezers, eyelash extension glue, eyelash tray… Besides, there are indispensable “super-effective assistants” such as gel pad, eye cleaning solution, eye protein, eyelash brush, eyelash fan…
  • Step 2: Fix the lower lashes with gel pad to avoid sticky eyelashes during the joining process.
  • Step 3: Next will use an eyelash cleaning solution to ensure the adhesion of the glue is durable.
  • Step 4: Use round tip tweezers to take the line from the eyelash tray. Then put it on the eyelashes.
  • Step 5: Use Black Rose tweezers to pick up 2, 3, 4, 5… lashes at the same time. And make sure that the ends of the lashes spread out evenly into a fan-like shape. Next, dot in a certain amount of glue just enough. In order to fix the roots of the eyelashes firmly together. 

Note: The roots of the fan mi must be really smooth and thin, without any lumps. When the top of the eyelashes spread evenly, the fan will meet the standard.

  • Step 6: Brush the eyelashes, check and add to the defects or excess.

Where to buy and sell reputable and quality Black Rose eyelash extensions?

HOALYS is always proud to be the place to supply quality Black Rose Eyelash that are highly appreciated by many people because:

  • Always commit to the best quality for each product with its origin, with clear labels.
  • Reasonable price in accordance with the quality of each product.
  • Has a very good warranty.
  • Regularly offer many preferential policies for customers, especially loyal customers.

On the market today, there are many establishments that supply Black Rose eyelashes. But quality and origin are not guaranteed. So you have to be really calm and consider carefully when choosing a place to provide eyelash extensions so as not to fall into unfortunate situations.

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