Are Volume Fan Premade Good For Eyelash Extensions?

If you’re a lash technician, you may have heard about Volume Fan Premade. In this article we’ll break down what Volume Fan Premade are, how to use them, and everything in between. Of course, the first question on everyone’s mind is “What are Volume Fan Premade?”

What Are Volume Fan Premade?

These are specially designed to help save time when making fans. They have a small amount of sticky adhesive at the base of the lashes, that is easy to work with but also prevents the bases of fans from falling apart. One of the biggest issues lash tech’s have when making volume fans is that the bases fall apart. Volume Fan Premade are designed to save time during custom lash sets. A good tray of this will shimmy and spread apart so easily, saving time while making custom volume lash fans.

What Is The Difference Between Volume Fan Premade And Regular Lashes?

The main difference between the two, is that easy fan bases stick together, while regular volumes do not. Fan Premade are quicker and easier to use, saving a lot of time. If you’re wondering “do Volume Fan Premade wrap?” the answer is no. Only hand-made regular fans can wrap around the natural lash. Although this Fan Premade don’t wrap, there’s no need to worry as they still have amazing retention when applied correctly.

Are Volume Fan Premade Bad?

Just like with any lash extension, they can be good or bad depending on a few things.

  • The quality of the lash extensions.

Look for high quality easy fans that don’t have too much sticky adhesive at the base of the lash, hold their curl, and are made with top of the line PBT fibre.

  • The length and weight applied.

In your eyelash extension training course, you will learn the safe weight and length of extension to apply. I like to air on the side of caution with fans since the sticky adhesive does add a little extra weight. For example: If the client’s natural lash can safely hold a 10D 0.05 fan, I would do 8D instead to reduce the weight slightly. Also remember a little glue goes a long way. As long as you are following safe procedures, easy fan lashes are perfectly safe and great to use!

Are Volume Fan Premade Good?

As long as you follow safe practices and procedures, easy fanning lashes are AMAZING! When I first started lashing, I struggled with making volume fans. Each day I would sit down to practice volume lashing and feel so defeated about my timing and how long it was taking. I know this is going to sound so dramatic, but I was about ready to give up when I found easy fan lashes. They really took the pressure off and helped me learn how to make volume fans. Although I can make volume fans pretty quickly now, I still prefer Fan because they save so much time!

How Do You Use Volume Fan Premade?

These are great for beginners. There are multiple techniques that can be used to create a volume fan with self-fanning lashes. The shimmy technique is the most popular as it tends to be the fastest method.

  • Use your volume tweezers to grab the desired number of lashes
  • Applying a light pressure, shimmy back and forth and the lashes will quickly star to fan out
  • Close the tweezers fulling getting a gentle but firm grip on the fan
  • Tilt the tweezer backwards slightly, and pick the fan up off the strip, 
  • Easy fans can also be made using the pinching technique, a volume dot, or the sticky strip method.

These are made using a minimal amount of sticky adhesive, a curl that lasts and lashes that fan out like butter! 

Shop Volume Fan Premade

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