Color Eyelash Extensions are a very enjoyable experience and help you develop your creativity. The important thing here is to know how to combine your client’s lashes to be perfect. Create a harmonious and attractive appearance. This article will walk through some basic rules of working with colored lashes to ensure clients leave happy and confident.

Colored Lashes For a Salon

Color Eyelash Extensions are also a challenge worth overcoming. Not many salons use colored lashes yet, so this could be a good opportunity to set yourself apart from the competition. And in addition to creating a fun, vibrant look, colored lashes can impact your bottom line by:

  • Attract more customers
  • Expand and add value to your salon services
  • Help you go viral on social networks easily

Benefits of using Colored Lashes

Highlight Your Eyes

The number one reason customers ask for lashes in trending colors is because they enhance the natural eye color. They make the eyes pop in a way that regular black or dark brown can’t. Before applying color lash extensions, find out your client’s goals first and start there.

You can completely make them stand out or combine for a more subtle effect. It is best to use colored lashes in the middle layer to create accents. This way, they blend perfectly with the black lashes in the top and bottom layers.

Catch the Trend

For the ladies who crave attention and want to be noticed, colored eyelash extensions are a must! There are a variety of techniques you can use to create unique interfaces that match the wishes of your customers.


Unique Color Combinations

This technique is done by attaching colored lashes to a single part of the lower layer. Colored eyelashes are usually placed at the outer corner of the eye, about 8/10 of the outer corner. This style looks great with the cat eye style and gives pops of color to the eyes. For a pop of color, try using lashes that are about 2-4 mm shorter than the black lashes you’re using.

Enhance Natural Eye Color Tone

Another advantage is that color lash extensions are the best kept secret to making your client’s natural eye color pop! We’ll take a look at how to use them, when to use them, and the best color combinations.

But you don’t have to follow these suggestions when choosing or working with colored eyelashes. Your imagination is unique, so go ahead and rock those gorgeous colored lashes!

Maximize the Benefits of Colored Eyelashes with Colored Eyelashes


Working with colored lashes has never been easier thanks to our premium super-thick lashes. Delight your customers with pop-ups that stop the traffic they generate. By helping your clients live in color, you’ll also reap the benefits of using colored lashes by increasing your salon’s bottom line. Buy our colored eyelashes now!

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