5 factors to keep in mind when choosing eyelash extensions

For eyelash artists, choosing a quality eyelash extensions brand is extremely important. So to do this, we need to have a clear understanding of the information and characteristics of the eyelashes to have a basis to help us figure out how to choose the best eyelash for ourselves.

How do you choose the right eyelash extensions?

Usually, eyelash extensions often have information available with many materials, parameters of different lengths, weights and curvatures. You need to pay attention to each of these factors to be able to choose for yourself a standard eyelash brand.

About the material of eyelashes

Depending on your budget, you can choose from eyelash extensions with different materials. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Eyelash extensions by material have 2 types: Synthetic (synthetic fiber) and Natural (natural fiber).

Let’s take a look at each one in turn!

Natural material (natural)

Eyelashes made from rubber resin:

This is a type of eyelashes made from the resin of the natural rubber tree, which is non-toxic, non-allergenic, has many air holes, so it is very light, the structure is closest to the real eyelash and has good glue absorption. However, this material is often expensive, so it used for production.

Fur eyelashes (mink lashes):

Since the 2000s, mink fur created a craze and is used as a material for the production of false eyelashes. Since its launch, Mink Eyelashes has made beauty enthusiasts crazy because of its outstanding advantages over all previous types of eyelashes. Mink lashes will give you a more natural look and mimic the most natural lashes. It naturally mimics natural lashes due to their softness and lightness. Due to the material made from fur, this type of eyelashes are very smooth and long-lasting.

However, the biggest obstacle is animal protection and allergy, so this material has been slowly removed. Normally, mink is the most expensive eyelash material.

Synthetic material (synthetic fiber)

Composed of PLASTIC synthetic material: low quality, toxic, allergenic but very cheap price. Synthetic lashes are by far the most impressive eyelash extensions. Because the material is so popular, they are also often a less expensive option.


About eyelash extension length

When you choose the length of your lashes, you’ll want to make sure they’re comfortable and won’t damage any of your client’s natural lashes. If the extension is too heavy for the eyes, it can prevent the eyelash follicles from growing new, healthy lashes. A good rule of thumb is that the extension should only be 3mm to 5mm longer than your natural lashes.

About eyelash diameter

Diameter should be of particular concern when choosing the type of eyelashes. They should be as close to the natural lash diameter as possible.

About the volume of eyelash

Volume of eyelash extensions is usually determined by the number of eyelash extensions in a cluster of lashes. You will often see the volume of the eyelash extension as a number followed by the letter D.

For example, 3D means that there will be three individual lashes gathered together to form a Fan.

If the client requires a gentle, natural set of lashes, 2D to 4D will achieve it. Conversely, if the client wants a more dramatic and dramatic lash, choose the 4D to 8D range.

Curvature of eyelashes

Eyelash extensions have many types with different curvature, length, and thickness. The curvature of the eyelash extensions suitable for each eye shape in 2020 is arranged in ascending order from J, B, C, CC to D.

  • J Curl (30 degrees): this is the lash with the least curvature (least curl). The lashes look quite straight and look like real lashes, because of their natural curvature.
  • B Curl (about 45 degrees): eyelash extensions have a medium curl (between curl). Straight lashes, slightly bent at the end. It creates a gentle lift and gives lashes a natural look, looking like real lashes that have just been pressed.
  • C Curl (60 degrees): lashes with a common curl. The C-curvature gives a glamorous look to the lashes as if they’ve just been permed.
  • CC Curl: The lashes have a greater curvature than C, the lashes will have a super glamorous look.
  • D Curl (approximately 70 degrees): lash extensions have the greatest curvature with dramatic curl, creating a doll shape design, often using eyelash extensions for special occasions.
  • DD Curl: This curl creates a curly lash extension, with a super dramatic look.
  • L Curl (80 degrees): Eyelash extensions have the largest curvature, providing the most intense (extreme) look.

Note: in the above curvature indicators, the C Curl and CC Curl types are sometimes referred to collectively as C Curl. Similarly, type D Curl and DD Curl are treated as D Curl.

Eyelash product lines at HOALYS:

All eyelash lines produced by HOALYS use the highest quality synthetic fiber material: PBT (Polybutylene terephalate) imported from Korea, under the direct production supervision of HOALYS in VIETNAM.

Possessing special eyelash production techniques, HOALYS is always proud to be able to provide eyelash artists with quality and guaranteed eyelash products.

HOALYS is afraid of owning quality eyelash extension product lines, used by many domestic and foreign eyelash artists such as: Black Rose Eyelash, High-quality Eyelash, Colored Eyelashes, VOLUME EYELASHES , Volume Fan Premade

Above are 5 factors you need to pay attention to when choosing for your salon a quality and suitable eyelash extension. Hopefully this article will help you better understand the craft of eyelashes and eyelashes

If you have any questions about eyelash extensions, please contact Hoalys via Hotline 0933 268 258 – 028 62 82 2555 or inbox Hoalys Factory directly for advice and support.

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